Watch this On Demand Webinar to learn how embedding an effective coach model into training helps protective services agencies.

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Protective services professionals familiar with “The Coaching Toolkit for Child Welfare Practice” have experienced success when incorporating a coaching model to implement new practices and strategies for casework, including safety organized practice, critical thinking, and motivational interviewing. Building on that framework, agencies can apply the same coaching principles to new technology projects – big or small – to ensure social workers adopt technology as a natural extension of their work and transfer new skills to practice leading to quality services for children and families. 

Because user adoption will ultimately define the success of a child welfare agency’s technology project, it’s important to know the difference between the typical cookie cutter training and interactive, hands-on coach model training. Even the best technology solution can fail to deliver expected results if lackluster training doesn’t prepare social workers to use technology in their day-to-day work. 

Join Northwoods for a free Webinar to learn how embedding an effective coach model into training helps protective services agencies:

  • Motivate workers to fully integrate new technology into their daily work
  • Ensure high rates of end user adoption
  • Reduce regression to old processes and prevent workarounds
  • Improve social workers’ productivity while reducing stress
  • Maximize success of your technology project to provide better outcomes for children and families 

Who Should Participate

Child and adult protective services directors, deputy directors, managers, supervisors and social workers.


Charles Barber
Solution Analyst, Northwoods

Charles Barber

Chuck Barber has successfully led numerous protective services customers through implementation and has provided direct training and support to over 100 child welfare social workers on Northwoods’ software designed specifically for protective services, Compass® Pilot and Compass® CoPilot. Chuck’s human services proficiency comes from his front line public assistance experience in his role with Franklin County Job and Families Services, where he was an agency trainer and also worked for two years as an operations analyst, providing guidance and direction for such initiatives as the Electronic Document Management System project and the Ohio Benefit Bank project. 

Rich Bowlen
Director, Protective Services, Northwoods

Rich Bowlen

Rich Bowlen leads the development of Northwoods’ technical and professional services offerings emphasizing Practice Management in the protective services arena. Rich joined Northwoods from Fairfield County Job and Family Services in Ohio, where he served as Child and Adult Protective Services Director. He began working as a licensed, front line social worker in 1991 with Franklin County Children Services before serving as a Lay Guardian ad Litem for the Franklin County Public Defender’s Office on child abuse, neglect and dependency cases. His strong desire to improve the lives of children and strengthen families led him to Fairfield County Job & Family Services where he also served as a caseworker, foster care and adoption recruiter and Director of Operations.