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A Quick Guide to Northwoods University

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Meet Northwoods University—our newly-enhanced, structured learning system offering a robust collection of on-demand courses to get you up and running quickly on our products, including Compass® Pilot, Compass® CoPilot, and Compass® Appointments.

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What's New with Northwoods?


Child Welfare Reading Recommendations

New Research and Reading Recommendations for
Child Welfare 

As the former director of a child and adult protective services agency, Northwoods' Rich Bowlen knows how hard it is to keep up with the information in your own cases, let alone what’s going on outside the agency’s walls.

Through our Research Library, Rich has identified valuable tools, links, and resources that can help any agency researching critical topics and trends like change management, CCWIS, and technology in social work.

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Featured Content & Resources


Northwoods Support Center User Story

Northwoods Support Center: Troubleshooting Technology Problems in Human Services

Technology enables human services agencies to dramatically increase productivity and service delivery—until an unexpected glitch in the system delays workers from doing their jobs.

This is the story of one Ohio county’s Department of Job & Family Services that relies on the Northwoods Support Center to help quickly troubleshoot software issues, resolve technology problems the first time they arise, and keep the system running at peak performance so workers can focus solely on helping clients.


Traverse in Action User Stories

Traverse in Action: Make Well-Informed, Confident Decisions About Safety. 

Here are ten short stories about social workers, supervisors, and directors who are using Northwoods' new protective services case discovery platform. Traverse® surfaces “dark data” to see the whole picture when making safety decisions.

Tips and Tricks

How to Merge Members in Compass® Pilot

Users with the appropriate privilege can merge duplicate members in Compass® People. Merging a duplicate member into a current member will remove the duplicate from Compass People, as well as add all documents, tasks, and notes to the current member. The duplicate member's case narratives and addresses will be deleted. Because merging cannot be undone, users should exercise caution before proceeding.

To merge members:

  1. Search for the current member in Compass People
  2. Use the Find and Remove Duplicate of Current Member option in the Actions menu.
  3. A window will open, allowing you to search for duplicate members.
  4. Once you've found the duplicate member, use the Merge Duplicate option and confirm the acknowledgement messages.
  5. Once the merging process is complete, the duplicate member will be removed from People.


Latest Blog Articles

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Financing Human Services Technology Projects

4 Tips for Financing Human Services Technology Projects

Even when resources are limited, it’s not impossible to come up with the money to purchase and maintain innovative technology solutions. All it takes is a little upfront planning and creative thinking. We’ve compiled four tips to help you get started.

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Human Services IT Procurement

Call to Action: Improving IT Procurement in Human Services 

The quicker human services agencies can get necessary funds and resources to implement new systems, the sooner they can begin to improve processes, reduce costs, and advance community outcomes. 

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