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Embracing technology to do better social work

Technology can be intimidating for social workers and caseworkers used to relying on paper documents and manual tasks, but adopting these tools can allow more time and energy to focus on what truly matters—engaging and supporting kids and families that rely on the agency’s care.

Learn about how one child protection social worker stepped outside her comfort zone to embrace technology as an everyday part of her job, realizing the positive impact it can make on her clients, her cases, and herself.

Read Holly’s story here.


What's New with Northwoods?



Meet Traverse: Case Discovery. Confident Decisions. Safer Children and Families.

The best predictor of future safety is a thorough understanding of the detailed past; however, knowing someone’s whole story can feel impossible to social workers when critical information about the case is hidden or virtually impossible to retrieve.

How can social workers uncover and understand this critical information from both the past and present? Meet Traverse®—our new protective services case discovery platform.

Read more on the blog, or check out our User Stories library to see how Traverse empowers agency directors, supervisors, and social workers to make informed, confident decisions.



Welcome to Northwoods University!

New to our products or need a refresher? Check out our on-demand courses inside Northwoods University. Covering our entire suite of products including Compass® Pilot, Compass® Appointments, and now Compass® CoPilot (just released this month!), the bite-sized tutorial videos and engaging assessments will empower you to maximize the capabilities of your Northwoods solutions.

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Research Library Reboot: Sign Up for Updates

Northwoods’ Research Library is another channel we created to help you understand key trends, opportunities, and challenges affecting human services and what your agency can do about them. The library includes expert content—think white papers, presentations, fact sheets, news articles, and templates—to help you implement technology and discover the best software solutions for your needs.

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Featured Content & Resources



Uncovering Dark Data in Child Welfare to Improve Outcomes [Webinar] 

You may have heard us talk about “dark data” and its impact on child welfare. If not, here's the short version: When social workers don’t have access to the information they need, the children they serve are at risk for further trauma.

Last week, our Vice President of Protective Services and one of Fairfield County (OH) Child and Adult Protective Services’ Permanency Supervisors joined APHSA to discuss how utilizing dark data can help agencies improve outcomes … from reducing turnover and increasing case continuity to achieving permanency for youth and reducing child maltreatment.

Watch the On Demand Webinar to learn more.



What Causes Dark Data in Child Welfare? [Infographic]

The first step toward using dark data to improve outcomes is understanding how and why it’s created in the first place.

Check out our infographic,Dark Data Defined: What It Means for Child Welfare and Why It's Critical to Find,” to learn what causes dark data, and why your agency needs to be able to capture, process, and manage it in real-time.

Additionally, download our eBook, “Shining Light on Dark Data in Child Welfare,” for answers to more common questions.

Read more on the blog.



10 Tips on Self-Care for Social Workers [Infographic]

Social workers often spend so much of their time advocating and standing up for children and families that they sometimes overlook the importance of taking care of themselves. While the rewards of being a social worker are plentiful, the job can take its toll—mentally and physically.

We created an infographic with 10 simple ways social workers can practice self-care, manage stress and burnout, and boost their well-being even on the most difficult days.

Read more on the blog.


Latest Blog Articles

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New Research and Reading Recommendations for Child Welfare

Finding time to keep up on trends impacting child welfare and protective services is easier said than done for many busy agency leaders. But never fear: we’re here to help. Catch up on the latest resources, research, and links on critical topics like change management, CCWIS, and technology in social work.

Read it here.



35 Apps for the Mobile Social Worker [Recently Expanded]

Just because you’re often away from the office doesn’t mean you have to be away from information and tools to enhance the work you’re doing in the field. Here are 35 apps to help mobile social workers stay connected and safe, save time, engage kids and adults, find resources for clients, and deal with stress.

Read it here.



Just a Small-Town Guy Wanting to Make a Difference in the World

We’re big believers that our past should always shape our future. We created this 4-part series to share a little piece of Northwoods’ history, giving you a glimpse into where we’ve been, where we’re heading, and how our customers have helped along the way.

Read it here.


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