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Rupam Chokshi Q-A on evolution of HHS technology

Q&A: Health and Human Services (HHS) Technology for High-Value Work

We asked Rupam Chokshi, director of product marketing, to share how technology has evolved, how those changes impact HHS workers and agencies, and what he expects to come next. 

Here’s a sneak peek:  

“It’s essentially giving workers the ability to do what they signed up for, which is taking care of human beings and getting them to a better place. They can do more high-value work with vulnerable families or recipients of benefits instead of solely focusing on entering data, collecting compliance-related documents, and making sure the agency will pass audits.” 

Read the full Q & A on the blog.


What's New with Northwoods?


Go back to school with Compass Pilot

Touch Up on Five Compass® Pilot Skills in Less Than Five Minutes

Sometimes we all need a little refresher! Be sure to check out our Back to School video series, if you haven’t already, for five quick Compass® Pilot tips that’ll save you time and increase your productivity. You can watch them all in less than five minutes:

  • Using Form Favorites 
  • Connecting a Member to a Form 
  • Deactivating and Reactivating Cases 
  • Using Smart Views 
  • Using Task Views 

To subscribe to even more learning opportunities, log in to Northwoods University and navigate to the Course Catalog from the main menu.

 When there's something strange in the agency, who ya gonna call? The NSC!

Northwoods Support Center Toll-Free Number Has Changed

As you know, the Northwoods Support Center (NSC) is available to help you quickly identify issues and provide resolutions.

In an effort to streamline communications, the NSC is moving to a new, single phone numberThe new number to contact all support teams is 833.323.2637.

Additional details:

  • On Monday, November 5, the existing toll-free numbers (Team A, B, and C) will be disconnected.  
  • Ohio EDMS customers: please note this will not change how you contact the EDMS Help Desk, only how you contact the NSC for your on-premise solution.
 Happy hardware, happy software

To Keep Your Software Happy, Make Sure Your Hardware is Friendly

Need to replace a scanner or label printer? 

Remember to check our list of compatible hardware devices on the Northwoods customer portal to make sure it will work with your software.

As always, please reach out to the NSC if you have questions. 


Featured Resources


Northwoods Customer Success is at your service

Have You Said Hello to Customer Success?

Don't forget: your agency has a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) whose sole responsibility is to help you use our software to its full potential.

Think of your CSM as a partner to help you navigate the path to success. He or she will provide tools and tips to boost adoption and retention of your solution. Your CSM can also put you in touch with Northwoods' best resources to address your needs.  

Haven't had the chance to talk to your agency's CSM? Reach out and say hello!

(Psst: Make sure to ask your CSM how you can get your hands on a kit to help you get started on the path to success.)


Latest Blog Articles

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Debunking Common Child Support Myths and Misperceptions

Debunking Common Child Support Myths and Misperceptions

Here’s the truth: “Providing for our children is one of humanity’s worthiest and most fundamental endeavors.” Bill Clinton proclaimed that statement in 1995 when he first established National Child Support Month, and it still rings true in 2018. 

In honor of everything child support programs do to help children, we debunked some commonly heard myths about the program.

30 Child Welfare Technology and Business Terms to Know

Tech Talk 101: 30 Child Welfare Technology and Business Terms to Know

Child welfare technology is constantly evolving. Are you up on industry lingo?

We compiled a list of 30 technology terms you’ve likely heard in conversation or read in practice articles, with their definitions, how they relate to each other, and what they mean for child welfare.

If you want to dive deeper into a certain topic, most entries include links to additional resources to learn more.


Upcoming Events & Webinars


Hear From Our Team at These Upcoming Event Sessions:

  • "Adapting Agency Processes to Meet Today’s Challenges" at the St. Louis County Health and Human Services Conference (October 11-12; Duluth, MN): Three Minnesota agencies will share how they've adapted to address both staff and community challenges. They'll discuss the decision-making process that led them to implementing solutions to get closer to meeting goals and expectations, and what impact the changes have had.
  • "Statewide EDMS for Child Support – What You Need to Know" at the Ohio CSEA Directors' Association's Fall Training (October 15-16; Columbus, OH): Northwoods will give a demo and short orientation on the statewide child support system that will be deployed by the end of the year. Attendees can ask questions about the system, project timelines, and more.

See more upcoming events and view our upcoming and On Demand Webinars


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