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Cabarrus County Transforms Lobby from Chaos to Calm


Chaos. Confusion. Long wait times. Sound frustrating? Cabarrus County Department of Human Services’ (DHS) caseworkers and clients agree, and that’s why they partnered with Northwoods to turn things around. How?

Cabarrus County DHS redesigned its lobby, upgraded appointment management software, and modernized business processes, all of which helped improve efficiency, communication, and customer service. In fact, the agency saved caseworkers 1-2 hours per day – time they can now spend processing applications for services much faster.

To learn more about Cabarrus County DHS’ story, download the written case study or check out the four-part video series.

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Mitigating Risk and Removing Fear from Organizational Process Change

Organizational process change is risky business in human services. If you don’t understand what motivates workers at your agency to accept change, your initiatives are almost guaranteed to fail. That said, you can also ensure a high adoption rate if you understand, plan for, and mitigate the risks and fears that typically accompany each phase of an organizational process change.

Download our whitepaper for practical tips to ensure your agency’s initiatives will succeed.



Proven Ways to Make Technology Adoption Stick in Human Services

Have you ever rolled out a new technology solution, only for no one at your agency to use it? We’ll let you in on a little secret: A little bit of planning, foresight, and a properly aligned approach can help you avoid getting caught in that infuriating dilemma.

Download “A Field Guide to User Adoption” for five proven and practical ways to make sure any new technology you roll out has the impact you’ve been planning for. (Visual learner? View the webinar recording instead!)



What to Expect from the Canton District Document Management Project

The Canton District Document Management Project is the first phase of a planned statewide effort in Ohio to stand up a unified electronic document management system. Modeled after Collabor8, the system employs a common document taxonomy and a consistent approach to capturing and indexing document images and forms, while providing workers the ability to share casework regardless of geography.

Watch the webinar recording to hear the latest update on the project, including a full overview of the system and the impact it will have on participating counties and workers.

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Wearing Blue Unites Ohioans Against Child Abuse

See how Northwoodians proudly joined child welfare advocates across Ohio to support Wear Blue, a statewide awareness campaign that takes place annually during Child Abuse Prevention Month.

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How to Assemble a Justice League of Tech Teams

With the right team involved at the right time, you can increase user adoption and ensure the success of your technology implementation. We’ve identified four categories of members to include in your technology implementation team, as well as how to evaluate who should fulfill each role.

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15 Inspiring iPad Wallpapers for Social Workers

Being a social worker can be challenging, especially during a long day in the field. We created these 15 inspirational iPad wallpapers to help keep social workers going, even when the going gets tough. 

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