Traverse for Economic Assistance

Seamless digital experience.

Next-generation document management software helping human services agencies support remote work, enable client self-service for eligibility programs, and gain visibility into operations.

Traverse for economic assistance

Work From Anywhere

Web-based technology supports remote work and telework. Caseworkers access eligibility case information to work from anywhere.


Focus on High-Value Work

Traverse streamlines and automates processes, allowing caseworkers to connect with clients and move from transactions to clients' stories.


Support Client Self-Service

Traverse supports client self-service and digital communication alternatives to in-person visits to achieve one-touch resolution.


Reduce Burden with Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based human services software reduces storage and paper costs and lessens the administrative burden on IT.


Promote Visibility

Agency leaders have visibility into operations and caseworker workload to meet timeliness and accuracy goals.


Foster Collaboration

Enables real time collaboration with clients and community partners through virtual case processing.

Technology has not kept pace with the needs of economic assistance agencies to provide holistic care when determining eligibility for economic assistance programs including Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, childcare and LIHEAP.

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated existing challenges when connecting with clients, enabling a path to self-sufficiency, and supporting telework. Many agencies plan to continue supporting hybrid or fully remote work once the public health emergency ends.

To do this, agency leaders need technology that supports client self-service and digital communication alternatives to in-person visits.

Traverse provides a seamless digital experience:

  • Allow caseworkers to shift between home and office work environments without losing productivity
  • Enable clients to communicate, submit documents, and fill out forms on their own time
  • Allow supervisors to manage remote and distributed work
  • Provide real-time and historical reporting on factors that give insight into worker productivity and quality
  • Provide secure and reliable cloud-based access to case information from anywhere, reducing storage and paper costs
"The need to modernize technology for economic assistance is immediate and critical. Traverse will help agencies protect the safety net for vulnerable families by giving caseworkers tools to truly collaborate with clients, community partners and each other."

Gary Heinze

President and Chief Executive Officer, Northwoods


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