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Want to leverage the cloud in a more purposeful, thoughtful way?

Cloud eBook for Human and Social Services

Cloud Technology for Human and Social Services: The Guide to Getting it Right [eBook]

Would you ride a bike on the highway? That's illegal and dangerous so don't try it. Sure, a bike and a car are both modes of transportation, but each were designed for very different purposes and should be used in different ways.

The same goes for technology. There's a huge difference between something that's cloud-first, or designed for cloud architecture (the car), and retrofitting or re-hosting something that wasn't intended to work in that way (the bike).

Our new eBook discusses how to evaluate cloud technology solutions through a human services lens. Based on decades of helping county and state agencies, we focus on the topics you're bound to have questions about, such as security, integrations, and change management.

You'll also find best practices, lessons learned, and questions to set yourself up for success when evaluating cloud solutions and providers.