Spend More Quality Time with Families

A Case Study: Houston County Department of Human Services
Since implementing Traverse® social workers in the Child/Family and Adult units spend more quality face-to-face time with families and connect them to services faster. They have a holistic view of critical case information to focus on safety and outcomes, not just paperwork.

"The technology is a tool that supports the mission of what we’re about here, and not the other way around."

— John Pugleasa, Director, Houston County Department of Human Services


  • Inefficient processes
  • Overwhelming paperwork
  • Redundant work
  • Limited quality time with families
  • High worker stress


  • Ease of collecting and viewing information
  • Holistic view of cases for clients
  • More quality time with families
  • Efficient processes that save 1- 2 hours per day, per worker
  • Less stress on social workers

"We’re able to take action a lot faster when meeting with the families, making referrals, getting services in place when needed."

— Andrea Onstad, Child Protection Social Worker, Houston County Department of Human Services

Houston County Executive Summary

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